Styling tips

If your room is: Spacious and bright: You can use bright or dark colors , that the room can be expressed without being heavy. Remember to compensate always the dominant color with other colors: if the dominant color is light, choose warm elements, if you have choosen darker colors you should use then lighter color, that illuminate the room. Be careful not to exaggerate: a room that is too full makes one nervous and is unwelcoming. Small and light: if the room is small but well lighted you must be careful not to outline this advantage. You can put strong elements, but not too much of them and well balanced with bright and clear elements. Particularly important is not to exaggerate: the secret is balance. Wide and not very bright: this room has to be lightened up,it is better to prefer clear, vibrant colors, try to choose light fabrics with reflections. The lightening should be positioned strategically, preventi to have one central source, it would be better to have different points of light Small and not very bright: Such a setting is clear and widened. The changing fabrics multiply the space because they have a lot of depth! Even products with line shape can help to visually extend the space of the room. Also mirrors can be useful to create unexpected effects of space. The tents should be clear and very light, carpets should be clear as well. The lightening can help to create vanishing points that increase the size of the environment. Finally, in small rooms it is absolutely not recommended to put more elements than strictly necessary. Fitted with dark furniture: depending on the style and characteristics of the room, one can act differently: black is modern and dramatic, but it can be also very heavy. You can lighten it up with light elements (red and orange or yellow). Black paired with turquoise or blue is very chic, but is likely to become cold. If the furniture is dark in essence, such as walnut, it goes well with gorgeous burgundy and gold items or ivory. Fitted with light furniture, white: Absolute white, although of great trend, it is likely to be cold. Better break it with elements of rounded shapes and warm colors like candles, pillows or paintings. A light furniture is the ideal context in which to put a bed cover with a great personality.