Duvet's care

Here some suggestions about the choice and the care of the products that you have bought. DUVETS - The duvet cover protects the duvet. It has to be washed regularly. - It is better to choose cotton linen, wich allow the duvet to "breathe" and allow the humidity to leave the bed. The cotton is natural and healthy, and can be washed many times in the washing machine. - You have to remove immediately the duvet cover if you stain it, in order to avoid the damaged of the duvet. If you stain the duvet, you can treat the stain with water or water with soap. Then you have to spread the duvet out flat to air dry the product. - It is recommend to wash the duvet every 2-3 years, cleaning it by hand in cold water or in the washing machine (40°), then dry it with a dry machine. You can also give the duvet to a specialized laundry. - The pillows can be washed in the same way, but it is recommended to wash them every 8/10 months, especially if you sweat a lot. Furthermore it is better to change a pillow every two years, because of the sebaceous glands of the scalp which stain the pillow. - It is a good routine to use a second pillow cover, better in white cotton, in order to protect the pillow. - The same routine is good for the mattress. it is better to protect it with a mattress cover and wash the cover regularly. QUILTS - The maintenance of the quilts is similar to the maintenance of the duvet, but the decorative sheet needs a long time to air dry the product. The down quilts require dry cleaning by a specialized laundry.