Duvet NeoStep 400 fibre

Duvets in fibre of the last generation: the only real alternative to down because it is soft, lightweight, warm and smooth as down.
Max. 40°
Cuddle factor 7
soft flakes with "down effect" - 100% PrimaLoft® Bio™ polyester
Soft Batiste 100% cotton


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The NeoStep 400 collection offers a valid alternative to the down filled duvets: the latest generation down-effect tuft is made of soft, polyester fiber. The structure of this bow, characterized by tiny interspaces that retain air, allows to generate an invisible internal cloud, able to ensure softness, total comfort and perfect thermal insulation, while ensuring maximum breathability. This filling can resist in a dynamic way to compression, generating a slow restoration of its original shape and thus imitating the natural effect of the down. The fixed stitched through sewn squares maintain the same heat over the entire surface of the duvet, while the special flat border with slots is constructed to allow two duvets to be joined together.


We reccomend washing your duvets every 1 - 2 years. Washing can be done at a a maximum of 40°. We reccomend drying at low temperatures in a dryer. Aerate your bedroom regularly to make the most of the hygroscopic qualities of your duvet. To store your duvet, use a breathable bag, e.g., the DaunenSteo bag you received when you purchased your duvet. Do not store your duvet in a plastic o in a vacuum bag.

Washing and drying

Dry at low heat
Max. 40°
Do not bleach
Do not iron

Suited for people suffering from allergies

Max. 40°

Washable in your washing machine at or below 40°

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Rising energy prices? Save up to €115 per year with DaunenStep duvets.

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