How to wash synthetic duvets in the washing machine? Everything you need to know to avoid damaging them.

It warms us up and gives us a good night's sleep, but when it comes time to store the DaunenStep fibre duvet in the closet, the question arises: How to wash the synthetic duvet in the washing machine? Is it possible to dry it in a dryer? Join us reading this article to discover some useful tips for keeping it in perfect condition over time.

When the time comes to put your duvets away or take them out, it is important to wash your duvets. If you want to wash it at home, below you can find some tips on how to wash your duvet in the washing machine and get a clean and smelling synthetic duvet as good as new.

First, it should be noted that the type of washing depends on both the filling and the fabric used for the cover. It is therefore important to read the label of your synthetic duvet well before proceeding with any kind of washing and risk damaging the product. In fact, the label will also state the maximum temperature and type of washing, among other indications.

How to wash the synthetic fibre duvet?

First of all, it is advisable to wash the DaunenStep synthetic fibre duvet once a year, that is, at the change of season when temperatures become milder.

As a second thing, it is necessary to check that the washing machine has the right capacity to hold the synthetic fibre duvet. In fact, if placed in a drum that is too small, washing could damage the duvet. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to have a basket of at least 7 kg. Remember that when the synthetic fibre absorbs water, it will become bulkier than when it was dry.

As for the choice of detergent, it is recommended to use a non-chlorine detergent for delicate garments so as to protect both the colour, preventing it from yellowing, and the upholstery fibres. Use detergent sparingly: overdosing can be as harmful as using a harsh product. You can add it directly to the machine basket before the cycle starts.

Once you have placed the fibre duvet in the washing machine, it is important to select the specific program for duvets. If this is not available, you can opt for a cotton or delicate garment washing program, with a maximum temperature of 40°. Another important thing to consider is the spin speed. If possible, set the spin cycle to a low or medium speed to prevent your duvet from being damaged by the machine's too vigorous movements.

Finally, never leave your duvet in the machine at the end of the cycle! Remove it immediately.

How to dry the synthetic fibre duvet in the dryer?

After washing and rinsing, drying will be done.

Nowadays, you cannot always have well-ventilated outdoor spaces such that you can hang a duvet to dry in the open air. Therefore, below you will find our tips on how to dry it in the dryer.

Drying a synthetic duvet in the dryer can be a tedious task, but not an impossible one. The first thing to do is to make sure you read the instructions that come with the duvet and follow them carefully. As a program for drying the duvet, we recommend the dry setting. In fact, it is recommended to select a program of at least 1 hour and 900 revolutions to ensure that all moisture is removed.

Once the drying cycle is finished, it is important to remove the duvet from the dryer immediately. Leaving it in the dryer even if it is turned off can cause moisture build-up, which could damage the synthetic fabric. It is therefore recommended, if possible, to hang the duvet in an open, dry place for 24 hours. Hanging it outside will cause the water to evaporate completely and help prevent odour formation and maintain the duvet's characteristics.

Trick to keep the filling intact during washing?

Very often during washing and drying even with all care, it can occur that the filling collects on only one side of the duvet. To solve this problem and spread the filling evenly, it is recommended to use Tennis Balls. These should be placed in the washing machine during washing.

How to store the synthetic fibre duvet in the right way?

After washing and drying it, if you do not want to reuse the duvet in the immediate future, it is ideal to store it in the bag where you received your duvet. Additionally, if possible, twice a year it is recommended to place the duvet in the open air, on a horizontal surface avoiding direct sunlight. This tip will serve to prevent the duvet from losing its white colour with the passage of time.

It is important to remember that proper treatment will ensure the durability of the product over time.


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