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The cushion is a crucial complement to the bed for sleeping comfort, and should be chosen with great care. Unfortunately, there aren't "universal rules" to determine what is the best pillow, because it is largely a matter of personal preference: some like the cushions softer others prefer firmer support: for this reason, to address the choice we It must be based on its own experience and the manufacturer's instructions: some pillows in fact created to meet particular needs (cervical, etc ...) No matter which model you prefer, there are still some things to keep in mind when choosing a pillow: Prefer quality products, carefully finished with guaranteed filling, also from the point of view of hygiene: we take into account that we breathe flat on the pillow !! Look for products which are made from natural raw materials that are more comfortable, breathable and hygienic. Wash your pillow regularly, especially if you sweat a lot or if it is used intensively as in the case of children and teenagers. Use a double pillowcase in pure cotton that should be changed frequently. Do not keep a pillow too long: it should be replaced about every two years to ensure maximum hygiene. To find the model that can meet your needs, visit our collection of pillows.