Synthetic fibre pillow Sterilsan

To those who look for maximum hygiene.
Max. 95°
100% anallergic microfibre
Soft peach feel microfibre


Available, delivery time: 1-4 working days

Sterilsan pillow is designed for those suffering from severe allergic reactions and want maximum hygiene, with its cotton fabric and the microfiber filling can be washed at elevated temperatures and thus sterilized in a perfect way, facilitating the total elimination of allergens and bacteria, also responsible of bad smells. The main task of the pillow is to provide support to our head while sleeping, to align it with the neck, to give optimal support to the muscles of the neck and shoulders and to give us a soft support for the face. If our pillow is old and used, it is no longer able to meet our needs and therefore may cause sleep disorders. Washable at 95°C.


We recommend washing the pillow regularly. Washing is recommended at maximum 95°: this eliminates the allergens and bacteria. Remember to fully dry your pillow and drying it at low temperatures in a dryer. We suggest replacing the pillow on average every 2-3 years.

Washing and drying

Dry at low heat
Dry clean
Do not bleach
Do not iron

Suited for people suffering from allergies

Max. 95°

Washable in your washing machine at or below 95°

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