Duvet NeoStep 200 fibre

All the softness and handiness of our fibre-filled duvets.
Max. 95°
Cuddle factor 6
Soft peach feel microfibre 100% polyester
Soft peach feel microfibre


Available, delivery time: 1-4 working days

I want a tailor-made duvet

The NeoStep 200 collection is made with a special high-quality silicone- coated hollow fiber filling. This ultra-thin fiber gives the product a spectacular lightness and softness, very similar to the down effect. The soft microfiber and the special sewn construction render this duvet comfortable and embracing. Comfortable and versatile, the Daunenstep microfiber duvets dont need any special maintenance, they are easy to wash at elevated temperatures and they are totally hypoallergenic and hygienic, the best allies against allergy sufferers and for those who are always in a rush.


We reccomend washing your duvets every 1-2 years. Washing can be done at a a maximum of 95°. We reccomend drying at low temperatures in a dryer. To store your duvet, use a breathable bag, such as the DaunenSteo bag you received when you purchased your duvet.

Washing and drying

Dry at low heat
Max 95°
Do not bleach
Do not iron

Suited for people suffering from allergies

Max. 95°

Washable in your washing machine at or below 95°

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How to wash the synthetic duvet in the washing machine? Can it be dried in the dryer?

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