Our values

Good conscience - good sleep

Good sleep is very important for our souls, but not only for them.
Also, a gentle and sustainable approach to nature and its raw materials are particularly important.
That is why in our production, we also pay attention to social sustainability.


Ecological sustainability

Our environment and its resources are very important to us.
For this reason, it is important to us to treat them carefully, responsibly and sustainably.
We attach great importance to the quality of our products and to the fact that they are particularly durable.
Products that last a long time avoid excessive consumption and use of resources.
In our manufactory we attach great importance to a conscious use of resources.
Our electricity comes 100% from renewable hydropower.
For the production of duvets and pillows we mainly use natural and renewable raw materials and make sure that they are free of harmful substances.
We obtain the down from species-appropriate husbandry and do not use live plucking.


Social sustainability

Only those who are satisfied find a good night's sleep.
We are also aware of this with regard to our employees.
That is why, the well-being of our tailors and skilled workers in the office is an important concern for us.
In 2022, we were awarded the Top Company Award as an employer-friendly company by the leading personnel consultancy in South Tyrol.
We support personal development and the compatibility of family and career. Fair dealings with all stakeholders are our top priority.

The Company

Economic sustainability

At DaunenStep we take a long-term approach.
The company has been family owned since our founding in 1907, now in the 4th generation.
Quality and customer satisfaction are more important to us than a quarterly result.
We value fair supply chains, fair dealings with suppliers and customers, and the promotion of local cycles wherever possible.
Our production takes place 100% in Italy, and we buy our down exclusively in Europe.
In Italy, we supply more than 500 bedding retailers, and here too, we attach great importance to long-term and fair cooperation.