Insomnia: tips for sleeping well at night

Here are some tips, that are particularly suitable for those who are suffering from insomnia: - In order to sleep well avoid making afternoon naps to not consume the sleep debt during the day, which is needed to fall asleep in the evening. - If you make physical activity regularly, prevent doing it two or three hours before bedtime. - Avoid to have heavy meals for dinner. The evening meal should be low in fat and free of alcohol. The alcohol is a good sleep inducer but causes prolonged awakenings during the night when its rate in the blood drops. - The right food is very important to sleep well. Try to eat a lot of vegetables, carbohydrates, fibers and fruits. Avoid beverages in the late atfernoon which contain caffeine or theine, cola or energy drinks that contain caffeine. - To sleep well, the bedroom should always be as comfortable as possible, silent, dark and mainly used for its main purpose: for those suffering from insomnia it is essential not to work, eat, read or watch TV in the bedroom. - The ideal temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 19 degrees. - Leave stressful and distressing thoughts out of the bedroom, try to go to bed and wake up approximately always at the same hour. - Avoid sleeping in front of the TV, and above all do not go to bed if you are not tired. - When you remain awake for a long time and you turn around in bed continuously, it is better if you get up and take a walk. You could also drink or eat something, such as warm milk or herbal tea sweetened with honey. - Avoid to stress yourself of the idea of not being able to sleep, thinking about it continuously or reflecting on the possible harmful consequences of the next day. Especially if you have insomnia, this behaviour leads only to the result that you associate your bedroom with the inability to sleep. It is better to get up and to get distracted and avoid looking continuously on what time it is. - Last but not least: choose the right furniture for the bedroom, starting with the right mattress, the pillow and the right sheets.