Saving Energy: Warm yourself with our duvets

As Piero Angela, a famous italian science communicator, argued:

"To seriously address the energy crisis, it now seems inevitable to resort massively to the most abundant source of energy that exists, the least polluting, least expensive, most readily available: that is, energy conservation."

And it is precisely in the current situation with winter coming that the issues of the cost of electricity and how to save money have become of paramount importance.


How can you save money?

One of the most common tips is to keep radiators at lower temperatures. But how much could you actually save by reducing the temperature in the bedroom by, for example, 2°? To answer this question, we at DaunenStep asked the experts in the field of energy efficiency improvement consulting.

The analysis takes into consideration the different climates in Italy and the types of housing in our territory. The result is that decreasing the heating temperature by 2° results in an average annual savings of 115€.


Maintaining comfort while sleeping

Therefore, the financial savings are obvious, but how to decrease the temperature in the room and at the same time maintain sleeping comfort?

One of the best solutions in terms of comfort, sustainability and economy are the DaunenStep duvets.

In fact, DaunenStep duvets ensure a perfect and temperate microclimate, which allows you to maintain a constant temperature while enveloping you in a warm embrace. These characteristics of theirs allow you to live an experience of well-being and warmth that you will no longer be able to give up, allowing you to sink into a rejuvenating sleep even with a lower temperature in the room.


The analysis

If you are interested in finding out the results of the analysis in more detail, you can read and download it by clicking on the following link.

Any other questions or curiosities? Feel free to contact us!

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