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The eiderdown, due to the characteristics of its fluff and the history that accompanies it, deserves a space of its own. The wild duck known as the Eider (Somateria Mollissima) is a species whose female's brown plumage is particularly prized. The eider lives throughout northern Europe and is often reported on Italian coasts as well, but it is mainly from Iceland that the plumage used to stuff our eiderdown quilts comes.


The wild feather

Eiderdown fluff does not come from farms; it is exclusively of wild origin. Eider in Iceland has been protected since 1849. The peaceful coexistence between Icelanders and these animals is the reason why Iceland has one of the largest eider populations in the world. Every spring, the ducks return to their breeding site. Eiders nest on cliffs, where the females stuff the nests with the softest down from their underbellies to protect their eggs. After the eggs hatch and the chicks are weaned (about six weeks), authorized collectors (and only they) climb the cliffs and manually collect the down from the nests, which is then cleaned and sterilized. The amount collected varies from year to year, but only a few hundred eiderdown quilts and comforters come to market each year.


The eiderdown duvet: sleeping on a cloud!

Eiderdown clusters are brown, streaked with white, and particularly soft, and they have a unique characteristic: a very strong cohesion among them, to withstand the winds that sweep the arctic cliffs, creating a sort of compact natural blanket. For this reason, an eiderdown quilt is incomparably light, soft, and the warmest comforter. DaunenStep uses its finest inner lining of pure extra soft cotton batiste to craft its eiderdown duvet.

The value of the eiderdown duvet

The Icelandic eiderdown duvet is considered the warmest and most prized duvet in the world. The price of an eiderdown duvets can vary, but it is an investment for those seeking the utmost comfort. Compared to duck feather duvets and Norwegian quilts, the eiderdown duvet offers a superior level of thermal insulation.

Feather processing

The processing of eiderdown feathers requires care and precision. Each eiderdown duvet is made with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a final product of the highest quality. Eiderdown duvets are the result of a long tradition and meticulous workmanship, making each duvet unique.

Eiderdown duvets: luxury and quality

Eiderdown duvets represent the pinnacle of luxury and quality in the bedding industry. A Norwegian duvet or an Icelandic eiderdown duvet is a symbol of excellence and comfort. If you are looking for an affordable eiderdown duvet, consider that the quality and comfort offered are incomparable. Choose the best for your sleep with our eiderdown duvets.

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