Duvets: Which one to choose? The buying guide in four easy steps

DaunenStep offers an entire assortment of duvets in all sizes, warmth levels and fillings, and here you can find the information you need to figure out which duvet is right for you.


  1. Duvets sizes
  2. Warmth level
  3. The filling material
  4. Cuddle factor


Duvet size

When faced with choosing the right size, you need to consider several aspects such as bed size and personal needs.

Single sizeKing sizeDouble size
Duvet 155x200 cm Duvet 200x200 cm Duvet 250x200 cm
Duvet 155x220 cm* Duvet 200x220 cm* Duvet 250x220 cm*

*Comfort size for taller people


Warmth level

DaunenStep offers a solution for every personal habit, room temperature and season of the year, always guaranteeing a warm and dry sleep.

Heat degreeSeasonTemperature
Mid-Season Spring/Summer >22 degrees
Classic Winter Autumn/Winter 18-22 degrees
Cold Winter Winter 14-18 degrees
Trio 4Seasons All Seasons 14-25 degrees

Temperatures shown in the table may vary based on individual perception.


The filling material

DaunenStep offers 3 lines of bed comforters which will meet your needs due to their special features.

Down DuvetsDuvets in synthetic fibreDuvets natural fibre
Soft and comfortable Washable at high temperatures Hygroscopic and fresh
Breathable Soft Natural
Thermoregulating Hypoallergenic Wool: anti-rheumatic

The coziness score

The last important decision when choosing the perfect comforter concerns the desired coziness score. This is a value that takes into consideration all the technical characteristics of the duvet(fabric, padding, etc.). The higher the index, the greater the feeling of well-being and good sleep. A duvet with a value of 10 represents absolute comfort.

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