Duvet in natural fibres Argali-Wool

Duvet made of pure Tibetan Argali wool
100% natural
Max. 30°
Cuddle factor 8
Pure Argali Wool
Pure Cotton


Available, delivery time: 1-4 working days

DaunenStep’ argali wool duvet is a high-quality product. The wool used for the filling comes from the argali sheep. The argali is a mammal that belongs to the wild sheep family, which is also called "Marco Polo sheep" and lives exclusively in Asia, particularly in Tibet, in the Himalayas. The argali is a very large animal, its height can reach up to 135 centimeters, its length up to two meters and its weight can reach 100 kilos. The peculiarity of this animal is not due to its size but to its fur, which is extremely soft and has an excellent insulating capacity. A duvet filled with argali wool, therefore, gives a comfortable warmth and offers excellent moisture regulation, leaving the bed always dry.  The wool is so soft that creates a special "cashmere" feeling. The noble quality of the Daunenstep argali duvet is embraced by a cotton cover that is both durable and silky and enhances its beauty.


We reccomend washing your duvets every 1-2 years. Washing can be done at a a maximum of 30°. We reccomend drying at low temperatures in a dryer. To store your duvet, use a breathable bag, such as the DaunenStep bag you received when you purchased your duvet.

Washing and drying

Dry at low heat
Max 30°
Do not bleach
Do not iron

Ensures a constant humidity level

Max. 30°

Washable in your washing machine at or below 30°

100% natural

Created only with natural raw materials


Is breathable and ensures a comfortable and dry sleep

Morbido… morbidissimo… piumino Argali!

100 chili… una pecora che poi non è una pecora normale… con la pelle super morbida… di cosa stiamo parlando? Della pecora Argali, che ci dona un piumone in lana Argali morbidissimo!