Down Quilt Bellapiuma 11202A

With a new look every year to keep in line with the latest trends, DaunenStep down quilts are the perfect answer to every style and warmth requirement.
10 years warranty
100% down


Available, delivery time: 1-4 working days

The 'Geometrico' quilt conveys a sense of order thanks to its clean, minimalist design that allows it to be easily combined with a variety of furnishing styles. Filled with 100% down and lined with soft cotton, this quilt has excellent heat-regulating and breathable capacities: thanks to the right degree of thermal insulation and high breathability, dry sleep and extreme comfort are guaranteed. The fixed check quilting also maintains equal warmth over the entire surface of the garment, guaranteeing a temperate night's sleep.

Product Care & Washing

The quilt can be dry-cleaned at a professional laundry. It should not be washed in water. Our advice: aerate your bedroom regularly to maximise the hygroscopic qualities of your quilt. To store your quilt, use a breathable bag, such as the DaunenStep bag you received when you bought your quilt. Do not store your quilt in a plastic or vacuum bag.

Washing and drying

Dry clean
Do not tumble dry
Do not bleach
Do not wash
Do not iron
10 years warranty

High quality product with 10 years of warranty


Ensures a constant humidity level


Is breathable and ensures a comfortable and dry sleep