The warmth level: a key factor in choosing the most suitable duvet

The right warmth level is the most important aspect to achieve a healthy and deep sleep, and it is also the most difficult to identify. The heat perceived during the night, in fact, is a factor that can change within time, but it depends also on the age, sex and eating habits. We can say that the starting point to find out the right warmth level is on the one hand the temperature in the bedroom and on the other hand the personal feeling. In order to determine the temperature in the bedroom, it is important to keep track of your habits: Do you keep the heating off? Do you use air conditioning in the summer? Do you keep the window open or closed? Do you sleep alone under the blanket or in two? The ideal temperature under the duvet is 32 °C in winter and 25-28 ° C in summer. Taking into account the above factors, the chosen duvet is ideal for all seasons.