Other influences for a right choice

Our duvets are famous for quality and filling weight, for qualitiy of the linen and for lightness. The quality of the duvet influences the quality of the sleep: more preious is the filling qualitiy, more comfort you can have during the sleep. A 100% down product is more precious than a 90% down + 10% feather product, because the feather has a higher weight The most important features that define the quality are: -weight of the fabric: -weight = + qaulity -Filling power: + filling power = + lightness = + quality -Breathableness: +filling power = + breathableness = + quality This features are prodeuced by: -fabric: the construction of the fabric defines the weight and the permeability, beyond the softness of the duvet. -down: a higher filling power gives to the filling a lower weightness.