How to cover the duvet

It sounds complicated, sometimes it seems to be a wrestling match. Here are a few simple steps to cover your duvet !! To start with, roll out the duvet "undressed" by placing it on the bed. To understand the verse (length and width) one can refer to the label Daunenstep which can be found in the lower right. Take the duvet cover and spilll it with the seams on the outside. Insert your hand in the bag and firmly grip the corners of the bag. You now have your forearms in the bag. Without loosing the corners of the duvet cover, grab the corners of the duvet. Now you have in each hand the corner of the duvet cover and the corner of the duvet. Now the duvet is in the duvet cover! Lean forward to slide the bag over the duvet. Shake it in order to fix it. It is done! Finishe to make your bed as you are used to.